Current Show: Space, Art + Love- July 17th- August 15th

1310 Gallery at Sailboat Bend Artist Lofts and Niki Art Studio Productions presents:

Space, Art + Love

By Niki Lopez & 1310 Gallery
Sponsor by WeMerge Magazine

Space, Art and Love. What are they and are they connected? Niki Lopez is mounting a visual art exhibition and will attempted to explore the inter-connective relationship of the three.

The exhibition will showcase paintings, photographs and prints that embrace the elements of the theme “Space, Art, Love.” Many of Lopez’s work has ‘extra-terrestrial connotations as it is a subject she seeks understanding about, “It is arrogant for us to believe that out of all the universes and planets of those universes, that man on earth is the only intelligent being”. Each of her pieces explores different theories, tells a story or asks a question, which amongst other things, compel us to explore outside of the ‘box’.

Other artists in this exhibition include Luzalma Gonzalez, Kazilla, Klodi Lemoine, Tabatha Mudra, David I. Muir, Laura Peterson, Michael A. Clark, and Sharon Swift- who will be displaying photography in collaboration with the Broward Center of Performing Arts’ ‘Flamenco in the Sun’. (Links to artists websites below).

Hosting the opening night will be poet Renda Writer of WeMerge Talent Magazine and will include performances by Oso of the cast of Drag It Out. After party music will be spun by DJ One Star.

The month long event will feature different themes each Saturday between July 24 and August 14. These will include fund-raisers, workshops by Nerissa Street and Deborah A Posner, MBA, Erik Proulx’s movie “Lemonade” and guest speaker Jim Shermer of the Broward Cultural Division.

Opening night’s refreshments provided by Be Organic and ‘café con leche’ by Underground Coffeehaus.

The exhibition will collect food items on behalf of the RENMEN Foundation
which supports a Haitian children’s orphanage.

Opens: Sat, July 17th, 2010 7PM- 11pm

Next Art Show by Niki Lopez and Niki Art Studio: Space, Art + Love- July 17-August 14 2010

Artists/performers/Contributors for the Event
Niki Lopez
Curator of the show. Visual Artist, Graphic Design, Photography
David Muir
Visual Artist -
Laura Peterson
Photographer - Facebook Fan page
Luzalma Gonzalez
Micheal A Clark
Photographer -
Patrick/DJ OneStar
DJ -
Renda Writer
Poet, WeMerge Magazine
Stefanie Osorio
Singer, Musician, Drag It Out

Facebook page for
Niki Art Studio
Graphic Design + Photography + Art by
Niki Lopez © 2010

This FREE event is brought to you and funded by the curator.
Please feel free to donate /contribute/ patronize /show some love to the event

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July 17th – Opening Night

Over 200 people came out during the opening night. We teamed up with the Broward Performing Arts Center show: Flamenco In the Sun, that showcased photography by Sharon Swift along with Cafe Con Leche by the Undergrounds Coffeehaus
Drink Sponsors by:

Drink Sponsors by
Drink sponsor Tequila Corralejo
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July 24th- Theme: Giving Back

Soft opening and music provided by DJ OneStar as well as food items collected for the Renmen Foundation. A 52 children Haitian Orphanage. Their facility that houses 52 children (ran by volunteers) was impacted by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. They have also been feeding families impacted and homeless by the earthquake.

Who they are:
RENMEN is a non profit organization under Internal Revenue code section 501(c)(3), its characters stands for Recuperation des Enfants Necessiteux et Mal Encadres which is the Recuperation of the needy and underprivileged children.

Yanick Goutier- the public relations officer for Renmen was at the gallery to mingle and answer questions.

** We are collecting items for this cause for the entire show (until August 15th)

July 31th- Workshops/Film Screening/Artists Talks

2pm - 4pm - Workshop: "Improv Your Life: A Fun Public Speaking Workshop For Professionals" - By Nerissa Street - $25 RSVP here

Free Event Evening
6pm - 6:55pm
- Intro by host Renda Writer, film screening of Lemonade the moive RSVP here,
6:55pm - 7pm - Trailor to "Beyond The Lucky Break" by Nerrisa Street. Network of people with business/service.
7pm - 8pm - Workshop: Digital Media Marketing / Q&A - by Deborah A Posner, MBA (*)
8pm - 9pm - Workshop:Take Your Art To The Next Level! -by James Shermer, Grants Administrator of Broward Cultural Division
9pm - 10pm - Artists Talk / Q&A: Renda talk about creating WeMerge

Light refreshments, and non perisbable food items collection for the Renmen Foundation

Facebook Event

(*)Digital Media Marketing - Learn how to harness the power of social media tools for creating loyal online communities, and designing low-cost yet highly effective marketing campaigns. Find out the latest strategies for making Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, mobile apps, and other digital tools work for you as an artist to network, promote, and sell. This presentation will be given by Deborah A. Posner, MBA, an Advertising Professor at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

(**) Take Your Art To The Next Level!
Grants, funding, and professional development opportunities- Broward County Cultural Division’s services for artists and creative entrepreneurs designed to assist Broward-based practicing professional, and emerging artists (of all disciplines) to advance their work and careers.

· Artist Micro Credit Program, a community-based, revolving loan program created to respond to a broad range of artists’ needs, i.e. purchasing equipment, completing a project, or taking advantage of an opportunity.

· Artist Project Grants- funding to assist individual Broward-based practicing professional artists, to fund small but complete cultural projects in Broward County for exhibitions, performances, or other arts activity.

· The Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute (AEI)- a program for artists aimed at strengthening their operating infrastructure and expanding their businesses. The AEI is an artist-focused course of study designed to assist individual artists of all disciplines (visual, musicians, writers, media, theater, performing arts) by cultivating and advancing their business skills. Saturdays; June 4, 11, 18, 25, 2011, tailored to the specific needs of artist entrepreneurs.

James Shermer, Grants Administrator, Broward Cultural Division. Shermer joined Broward Cultural Division in January 1999. Prior to coming to the Cultural Division, he was the Assistant Director of Performing Arts at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute (Museum of Art, School of Art, and Performing Arts) in Utica, NY, a position he held since 1989.

August 7th - Photo event/Workshops

TBA- and determained based on intrested parties....

August 14th - Closing Event and Networking

Some of the images from the opening event- Over 200 people attended

Items needed for donations/sponsorship,
for more info or to donate email me)

Looking for Sponsorship/Donation:
• Printing- Flyers, itinerary, ad (stickers), mini-site event page
• Food
• Supplies (napkins, tissue, cups, plates, ice)
• Drinks
• Items to auction
• Mugs (to paint for auction)

Next Art Show by Niki Lopez and Niki Art Studio: Space, Art + Love- July 17-August 14 2010  

Presnted by Niki Art Studio, Sailboat Bend Artists Community & WeMerge Magazine


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